Guys drool over friends

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - Guys drool over friends

My girlfriend’s busty friend. These guys can’t help the fact that their girlfriends are friends with bitches who have the biggest, most delicious boobies they’ve ever seen anywhere!

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Look at those big boobs

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - Look at those big boobs

When his girlfriend’s bestie walks through the door, all this poor boyfriend can think is that she’s got the biggest, prettiest breasts he’s seen in a really long time.

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Men are pigs

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - Men are pigs

When a slut with boobies as fine as those walks through the door, a poor, horny man can’t be expected to keep his grimy, filthy hands to himself, can he?

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Her friend’s getting tapped

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - Her friend’s getting tapped

He doesn’t want to be unfaithful to his girl, but how can he resist it when his lady’s uber-endowed best friend is hitting on him and revealing her giant, mouthwatering boobies!

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A best friend’s giant melons

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - A best friend’s giant melons

He tries to be subtle, but it’s hard not to stare at this chick’s best when she has two giant fun bags threatening to spill out of her tiny, barely there shirt!

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Boys want huge boobs

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - Boys want huge boobs

Men want two things in life: lots of beer and lots of boobies! My girlfriends busty friend. As long as his girl’s best friend can be quiet, he’s going to love tapping her ass and squeezing her tits!

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He can’t stay away

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - He can’t stay away

When his girlfriend’s busty friend walks through the door, this stud knows he’s done for. By the end of the night, they’ll be stealing away to fuck hard!

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He’s going to get caught

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - He’s going to get caught

If these studs aren’t extra careful, their girls are going to find them getting down and dirty with their busty best friends! My girlfriends busty friend. There will be hell to pay then!

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She doesn’t have to know

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - She doesn’t have to know

Not every guy is so lucky that he gets to bang his gorgeous girlfriend and her busty best friend on the side. He’s getting double the pussy and double the boobs!

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She’s got the best chest

My Girlfriends Busty Friend - She’s got the best chest

Eyes start to bulge when these busty friends come over for some lunch! My girlfriends busty friend. Their tits are so big, it’s as if they are dying to tear out of their shirts for sex!

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